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    Armchair with armrests – Aviator style – Covered in Genuine Brazilian leather

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    This excellent piece of Iconaxa furniture will allow you to add a decorative design touch to your home or business. It is a perfect symbiosis between an armchair and a design object. It will easily fit into your interior and its strong personality will dominate your living room or office.

    Its shape and aluminum outer frame are reminiscent of a pilot’s chair. It is the ideal place for any number of activities: from relaxing to watching TV or enjoying a book. The softness of the lines is an invitation to relaxation. Once you’re comfortably seated, you can indulge in your daydreams. You can enjoy this design sofa with several people at once with family or friends. Your guests will also be thrilled with your latest purchase. Aluminum is a rare metal found in only 8% of the earth’s crust. This furniture uses between 75% and 90% recycled aluminum to help preserve our planet. Furthermore, this metal is extremely robust and can withstand the test of time. When it reacts with oxygen, it forms a very thin layer of aluminum oxide that provides protection against natural corrosion. It is treated so that it is up to three times stronger than steel.

    Additional information

    Weight 44 kg
    Dimensions N/A
    Color Brown, Black
    Material Aluminium, Genuine leather
    Assembly Required No
    Swivel model Yes

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